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Who Are We?

Established in 2020, the Megadolls team consists of passionate and like-minded parents and educators strongly committed to preserving the magic of imagination and the power of self-expression. It aims to captivate children’s interests and teach the children life essentials like self-awareness, kindness, and creativity through pretend play.

Our Story

We are licensed childcare providers in New York City for nearly two decades. As childcare providers, we engage children in learning through play and arts & crafts activities to use their hands and thoughts to create and discover their potential.

Playing with paper dolls as a child helps us explore our feelings, engage in curiosity-led discoveries, and help develop empathy for others by listening to their ideas and aspirations through play. We also improve our hand skills, getting better with cutting, calculating the natural materials around us, and maximizing the use of paper to decorate our doll’s dresses. We hope that our new ‘patented’ design and the innovation that comes with our dresses will renew the golden era of paper dolls, the glamour, and the glitter that come with creativity. Our goal is to encourage children to broaden their knowledge about the world by exploring the multi-cultural doll collection offered by Megadolls.


What Do We Do?

We focus on developing awareness about diversity through imaginative play. Our product is an activity where children are encouraged to tell their stories, express their feelings, and dress the paper dolls to play the part. From bringing cross-cultural dolls under one roof to exploring the wild or going on a vacation with the girl gang, children can dress their paper dolls for many types of role-playing. We make it possible by providing a wide range of paper dolls from around the world, and an extensive collection of paper doll dresses to choose from.

Children can pick from our collection of dress templates to color and decorate or simply give your child the freedom or flexibility to select a colored dress that they like to dress and enjoy their dolls.


How We Do It?

To deliver what we promise, we keep it as simple as the pretend-to-play game itself. Each doll is crafted in compressed pulp with lamination to ensure reusability. You may order our product from our website, and we will deliver them to your doorstep.

Your child can dress his/her doll anytime at no extra cost. Simply print, color, decorate and play, or select from a colored collection and start playing right away—whichever suits your child. We strive to encourage all children – regardless of their gender, ethnicity, region, or ability – to express themselves, tell their story and to follow all their dreams, and enjoy the fun of creativity.