Who are we?

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Established in 2020, the Megadolls team consists of passionate and like-minded parents and educators strongly committed to preserving the magic of imagination and the power of self-expression. We aim to captivate children's interests and teach them life essentials like self-awareness, kindness, and creativity through pretend play. As kids, we loved to play with paper dolls. Each of us holds fond memories of spending hours dressing and undressing our paper dolls in our favorite outfits.

Old fashion paper dolls were two-dimensional dolls made of paper or light cardboard. Outfits were made for the paper dolls. These were also made of paper. We want new generations to experience meaningful play with Megadolls like we had when we were kids.

Our Dolls from Around the World range of paper dolls explore and celebrate different cultures. Each doll comes from a foreign country and has her own unique personality and story. The Dolls from Around the World encourage children to be proud of their ethnicity and heritage and embrace other cultures.

The Shero collection of teaches children about various physical differences. Each Shero Megadolls has a unique physical trait. Each doll has her own background and story to teach kids about different physical characteristics. The Shero collection teaches kids to consider what others may be going through and how to interact with persons dealing with physical challenges. Through play, children can learn to appreciate differences and make friends with someone who looks different from them.

In short, Megadolls aren't just paper dolls or about learning and exploring - they're a movement. A movement to help create a positive space for girls to find their way through discovery, creativity, and, most importantly, experience human empathy through creative play.


Paper dolls (in the form of Origami) can be traced back to the 9th century. The first paper dolls in Europe were made in France in the 18th century. In 1812 America got its first paper doll. These dolls became especially popular in the 1920s. At first, they were printed with clothes on. Soon paper dolls were printed wearing only underwear with interchangeable clothing attached to them with tabs. These tabs worked well enough, but there was always at least one stubborn one that just didn’t quite do its job.


We spent a few years creating and designing and re-creating and re-designing the dolls and outfits that make up our Megadolls range today.

What Do We Do

We focus on developing awareness about diversity through imaginative play. Our product is an activity where children are encouraged to tell their stories, express their feelings, and dress the paper dolls to play the part. From bringing cross-cultural dolls under one roof to exploring the wild or going on a vacation with the girl gang, children can dress their paper dolls for many types of role-playing. We make it possible by providing a wide range of paper Dolls from Around the World and an extensive collection of paper doll dresses to choose from.

The Shero range is subscription-only. A new doll is delivered to your door every month. Each Shero has a physical difference and comes with her own unique story. 

Megadolls focus on teaching children about different cultures, geography, and physical differences. We are also passionate about developing virtues in young people. The goal is to teach children about virtues to develop ‘awareness’ and encourage them to practice these virtues throughout the day.

Kids can polish the ‘virtues’ they always have when dressing the dolls. The awareness developed through practicing virtues can help cultivate the child’s creative mind. 

Children can pick from our collection of dress templates to color and decorate. Or they can simply give your child the freedom or flexibility to select a colored dress they like to dress and enjoy with their dolls.

How we do it

To deliver what we promise, we keep it as simple as the pretend-to-play game itself. Each doll is crafted in compressed pulp with lamination to ensure reusability. You may order our products from our website, and we will deliver them to your doorstep.

Your child can dress their doll anytime at no extra cost. Simply print, color, decorate and play, or select from a colored collection and start playing right away—whichever suits your child. We strive to encourage all children – regardless of their gender, ethnicity, region, or ability – to express themselves, tell their stories and follow all their dreams, and enjoy the fun of creativity.



We have various ranges of products.
Dolls from around the worldPostcards and the Shero Collectible Cards can be purchased on our website.
Shero Dolls are collectibles available only through subscription.
Free download-and-print outfits are available from Design Create and Play section.

The Megadolls outfits are categorized by Virtue and corresponding color.