School Referral Frequently Asked Question

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The Megadolls School Referral Program is a partnership program between the state PTA and Megadolls that assists the school with fundraising efforts.

No, All School PTAs may join the Megadolls Referral Program regardless of their membership status with the state PTA.

No fee or purchase is necessary to join the Megadolls School Referral Program.


The principal of a public school will need to create an account for the school PTA.
A private school’s development director or principal must create a PTA account.


No. You don’t have to have a Megadolls account to sign up for school. Follow the link ( to create an account and access your school's unique link and dashboard.




A. When a school becomes a Megadolls partner, it will receive a unique referral link to share with its students' families.

B. Students and their families must sign up or create an account using the school referral link to join the school referral program.

C. The Megadolls School referral Program comes with two-sided rewards; once the students create an account through their school referral link, the student/family will receive a 15% discount. The school PTA will get 5% to 25% cashback each time they successfully place an order.

D. The School Referral Account is renewable every year. Megadolls will automatically generate a new referral link for every school partner to send to the student’s families.

Simply sending a referral link to students' families is not a successful referral. Successful referrals are when the students/family sign up using the referral link and complete the purchase.

The school will send its unique referral link to its students through email or newsletters. The student or their parents must sign in or sign up by clicking the referral link.

Whether they already have a Megadolls account, each student and their family must sign in or sign up (a one-time process) using the school referral link. The student and their family will receive a 15% discount throughout the year, and their school will get cashback from their purchases.

When the school’s student/family signs up through their referral link, the student or family members' new account will appear on the school dashboard.

- Student

Click to invite your school PTA to join the Megadolls referral program and receive a one-time 40% discount toward your next purchase.


- School

The principal or School Development Team may follow these steps.

  • Head to, click 'Start earning now,’ and follow the Megadolls referral program steps.
  • Create a school account using your school email address, making it accessible and manageable for future admins.
  • Once you’ve done this, you'll be directed to your school dashboard, where you can generate your unique link, track referrals, and payouts, and download promotional materials to help your school account grow.
  • Copy the school's unique link and share it with your students/families through email.

Once the school joins the Megadolls Referral Program, completes the online application, and gets verified, it will have its dashboard to allow the school PTA to

  • Email their students' families about the new product savings through the  Megadolls' referral program.
  • Track how many students' families sign up under their referral links.
  • Track how many purchases are made by their students daily.
  • Track how much the school earns from each student's completed purchase.
  • Cashback Balance
  • Cashback History, etc.

Yes! The school PTA will get 5% to 25%  cashback from every purchase the student's family makes.

All one-time-purchase Megadolls products are available for cashback credit. Megadolls Subscription offers are not eligible for cashback. 


When the school’s student and their family complete the purchase, the transaction will appear on the school dashboard under the Cashback' credit.'

Yes! Every student family member who created an account through the school referral link and made purchases from Megadolls is considered valid. The school will earn 5% to 25% cashback on the total purchase when the student or their family members complete it.

Each school will receive its cashback earnings through mail or the Stripe app. We currently support Stripe as an option for paying school earnings.

The school’s PTA  will receive the cashback, which must have its financial account or Stripe Account. If the school PTA does not have an account or does not have a PTA organization, the check will be written under the school’s name until the PTA provides us with their own financial information.

Yes, a minimum cashback of $100 is required for a school account to be able to cash out.

No! Megadolls Referral Reward or cashback does not expire. 

Based on the schedule below, cashback payments are sent by mail or through Stripe every three months.

Purchases Posted Between

Cash Back Payment Sent

January 1 to March 21

May 15

April 1 to June 30

August 15

July 1 to September 30

November 15

October 1 to December 31

February 15


The school admin may email us at to request a replacement for their Megacheck.

Please ensure you signed up with the school email address you used in creating an account with Megadolls.


Please feel free to contact us at with all your questions that were outside Megadolls FAQs. :)