BAMS - Bosma Arhinia Microphthalmia Syndrome


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BAMS - Bosma Arhinia Microphthalmia Syndrome

Introducing the Megadolls Shero Collectable Cards.
Now you can carry all your favorite Megadolls and their virtues in your pocket.

The Megadolls Shero collectable cards mean even more fun with your Megadolls. 
Each Shero has her own set of cards that you can collect and play with.

The Megadolls Shero range features female heroes, each with a unique physical difference. The aim is to foster inclusivity and cultivate empathy and a deep understanding of persons we might look different from ourselves. 

It encourages you to consider that persons who look different from you may have some special needs that you may need to accommodate, all the while reminding you that we all share in the collective humanness.

Each pack of Megadolls Shero collectible cards includes 16 cards. These cards can be kept as part of your personal collection or traded for cards you don't already have. 
The 16 cards in a pack either speak about a particular Shero's physical difference or one of the 11 virtues that Megadolls wish to encourage and us and our children.

There are two styles of cards that can be collected. Regular Megadoll Shero collectable cards are beautifully designed and show either a Megadoll or give you some information. Silver Logo Megadols Shero collectable cards are embossed with a silver logo. These cards are more rare and highly desirable.

The cards in the Megadoll Shero collectable card packs are randomly selected. That means you will not necessarily receive 16 cards of the same Shero in every pack. In fact, one pack can contain cards from two or three different Megadolls Sheroes.
A complete set of Megodolls Shero collectable cards include:
·         1 Title card.
·         4 Text cards. These cards give you more information on the physical difference that the Shero has.
·         11 Virtue or color cards. These cards speak about each virtue.

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