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flag Meet Dakota from USA
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Meet Dakota from USA

Say Hello to Dakota!

Dakota is a Native American Indian from the United States of America. She is a ball of energy and super excited to play with you. She can't wait to go on adventures and experience the magic of imaginative play. 


Native Americans live in harmony with nature, and their clothing is often made from plant materials or animal skins and fur. They also decorate their clothes with shells, stones, and beads. 


Girls like Dakota love wearing a skirt or leggings with a shirt, tunic, or mantle. They usually wear shoes called moccasins or mukluks. Some girls wear dresses instead of shirts or leggings and shirts. In cold weather, they wear cloaks and warm fur parkas. 


Dakota loves traditional and modern-day wear. She likes to dress up in style and wear anything that looks good on her, from skirts to dresses, gowns, and casual clothes.


Browse the Create section to decorate a traditional dress or something that will compliment her looks. You may also check the colored dresses from the Play section to style her in different dresses for your creative play. 






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