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flag Meet Krishna from India
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Meet Krishna from India

Hey folks!

Say 'Namaste' to Krishna from India.


Namaste is a traditional Indian greeting that shows respect to the other person. Krishna came to Megadolls Land all the way from India in South Asia and is ready to immerse herself in different roles in your pretend play.


Krishna has yellowish-gold skin and loves vibrant colors and sparkly things. She adores glittery bangles that jingle and pretty earrings or jewelry.


What kind of clothing and accessories does Krishna love?

Most women in India wear a sari (sometimes also spelled saree). This is a long, colorful piece of material that is decorated with sparkling beads or thread. Indian girls and women wrap the cloth around their bodies in a unique way to cover their legs, chests, backs, and shoulders.


They could also wear clothing like a Shalwar and Kameez (Sometimes simply called Shalwar Kameez). Visit our Create and Play pages to explore a variety of dresses for Krishna.


You can decorate our blank paper doll dresses in the Create section to design a beautiful traditional Indian outfit for Krishna. You can also select a colored dress from the Play section to pretend that you are in India and dress Krishna for the part.

Krishna can't wait to see the outfit you create for her and meet your other paper dolls. Have a fantastic time with Krishna.

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